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Contact: Sharon McMenemy Khan                   Date: 07/03/2023
Phone: (+44) 07307 517581 

Celebrating 25 years of Tartan Week

Edinburgh art gallery and creative workspace the4pegs is celebrating the ties between Scotland and the United States with a series of shows and events beginning April 6.

April 6 was officially named Tartan Day by the U.S. Senate in 1998 and Tartan Week celebrations in New York, including a parade, are growing in popularity. Going back much further, some argue that Scot Henry Sinclair sailed to the New World 625 years ago this year, predating Christopher Columbus by nearly a century.

The celebration will kick off with the opening night of a photo exhibition of The John Muir Way, followed by a display during gallery hours on multiple dates. Muir is a key figure in preserving nature in Scotland and the U.S.

Sharon McMenemy Khan, photographer and curator, said "When you’re preparing for the John Muir Way, you focus on navigating: distances, signposts, gradients. Once you start riding along the path, you begin to relax and enjoy the countryside. You disconnect from everyday life and connect with the history of the people and the place. It’s a heartwarming journey that connects you to nature."  

Sharon commented, "We are delighted that noted music photographer James Ritchie said yes to a talk in the gallery about the Scotland based Outlander tours he founded. Jamie's love of people and photography comes through when you talk to him. His tours are focused on creating great memories."


This will be followed by the original American Scottish Princess Awards (ASPs), a lighthearted celebration of women who have contributed to both countries.

For further information, please contact Sharon on 0730 517 581 or log onto and click on events.

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Located at 50 St. Mary’s Street in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, The 4 Pegs is a place for art exhibition and a member’s club for those looking for a creative workspace in the heart of the city. From artists, poets, p
hotographers and students, an inspiring area allows for laptop work, hands-on design and creation and event space.

Established in 2010, in Edinburgh, The Scottish Photography Experience Tours have consistently been rated as the number one photography tour in Europe! We have won the 2019 Travel and Leisure Industry Award for “Best Learning Experience in Scotland”. The Scottish Photography Experience have won the Corporate Livewire Awards PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2020.

Curator @ The Peg Gallery

Hi, I'm Sharon McMenemy Khan, the curator of The Peg Gallery. For more information about our artists and their events, images for your articles, contact me at or DM me on twitter (@So_Scottish). 

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